Evidence: The Art of Terry Jarrard-Dimond, 1987-2017

Andromeda Falling - Adrian Rhodes

Andromeda Falling

Reception 7.20.2017 – Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Museum Brings Arts Commission 50th Anniversary to Florence

Riverbank Problem Solvers

Concert Reception 5.11.2017 – The Fiddler’s Tale

The Hobo's Story by Robert Garey

Opening Reception 4.13.2017 – The Fiddler’s Tale

Robert Garey Exhibition

Yvette Cummings Reception & Lecture

Lecture 3.17.2017 – Remember Everything with Yvette Cummings

Family Day 2.11.2017 – The Art of Storytelling: Fred Rhoads

Awards Announced at Opening of 2017 Pee Dee Regional Art Competition