The Submission Process

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the Faces of Florence exhibition in the Community Gallery. The intention of this exhibit is to highlight the variety of faces and familiar locations within Florence County. Old family photo albums are a great place to start looking. Submissions don’t have to be older photos, as we will also accept contemporary photos.

You can submit your photo digitally using the form below. All photo submissions will be reviewed by the museum’s curatorial staff to ensure and maintain quality standards. If you would like to increase the chances of having your submission included in the exhibition, you can do so by following the guidelines listed below.

Submission Guidelines

Submit a photo that contains an individual or group in a location that is historically significant and/or interesting to the people of Florence County.
Submit an original photograph or a quality scan from an original photograph. If you submit a reproduction from a newspaper, yearbook, or directory the quality of that reproduction will be significantly inferior to that of the original photograph.
Submit a photograph that belongs to you or your family. The museum does not want to potentially upset a third party because you submitted an image that actually belongs to that third party.
Submit a photo that does NOT contain anything that could possibly be perceived as obscene, suggestive or offensive to others.
Submit a photo that has NOT been digitally manipulated. Images with additional features or text added to them will not be considered for the sake of maintaining consistency through out the exhibit.
Submit a digital image that is under a file size of 1mb.  If the file size of your digital image is too large, we recommend using a free online image resizer like Tiny PNG to get your digital image’s file size under 1mb. We will accept: .jpg, .gifs, or .png files.

Faces of Florence Image Submission Form