The Florence Museum Board of Trustees serves as stewards of the permanent and original collections of the Florence Museum. The Florence Museum was incorporated in 1936 as a charitable not for profit organization and exhibited in the basement of the Florence County Library. The Trustees purchased the Sanborn Chase home (pictured above) at 558 Spruce Street and opened to the public on October 7, 1953 a general museum supporting the artistic and cultural growth of Florence. The museum’s original collection of Southwestern Native American artifacts acquired in 1924 has since grown to more than 15,000 objects that represent hundreds of cultures from across the globe. On July 20th, 2013 the Florence Museum at 558 Spruce Street closed its doors to the public, and began preparations for moving its loaned collections to the newly constructed Florence County Museum located at 111 West Cheves Street.

Today the Florence Museum Board of Trustees continues to serve as a collecting agent for objects to exhibit at the Florence County Museum, acting as guardians for the public interest. In addition to loaning its collections to the Florence County Museum, the Florence Museum Board of Trustees contributes to this institution through overseeing the acquisition and conservation of objects for its collection, maintaining museum membership and overseeing all benefits and levels of support, & assisting in fundraising from the private sector for collection and conservatory purposes.

The following currently serve on the Florence Museum Board of Trustees.

Barbara J. Casper
Hilda H. Conner
Rebecca H. Crawford
Elizabeth C. Docherty
Paula H. Efird
Jule E. Eldridge, III
Anne B. Ervin
Marilyn Godbold
Mary C. Hepburn
Townsend V. Holt, D.D.S.
Charles J. Hupfer, Jr.
John A. Keith, III, M.D.
Sompong Kraikit, M.D.
Jennifer S. LeVine
Margaret W. Lewis
Hunter Stokes, Sr., M.D.
Vickie H. Stokes
Jumana A.Swindler
Eugenia P. Tyson
E. Lloyd Willcox, II