The Florence County Museum Board

The Florence County Museum is governed by a board who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of Florence County Council. The Florence County Museum Board was established in September of 2008 by Florence County Council to fulfill the immediate mission of constructing a new museum facility. The Florence County Museum Board is made up of 13 members, nine of which are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of County Council (one member from each County District), two appointed by the Florence Museum Board of Trustees, and two appointed by the Community Museum of Lake City, SC. The Florence County Museum Board meets quarterly. Each appointed member serves a three-year term.

In accordance with county policies, the role of the Florence County Museum Board is to receive and expend grants, gifts, donations, appropriations, admission fees and user fees from any public or private source for the operation, maintenance, expansion or improvement of property, collections, programs or educational or other activities of the museum.

The following currently serve on the Florence County Museum Board.

Jacqueline Mouzon, Seat 1
Murriel Calcutt, Seat 2
Vacant, Seat 3
Jennifer LeVine, Seat 4
John S. Harrell, Seat 5
Kevin Barth, Seat 6
Dr. Donna H. Goodman, Seat 7
Jumana Swindler, Seat 8
Brenda Dorman, Seat 9
Paula Efird, Seat 10
Becky Crawford, Seat 11
Karen Fowler, Seat 12
Ann Rogers Chandler, Seat 13