Explore the Florence County Museum through a series of programs with artists, curators, historians, authors, and other thinkers. From panel discussions to participatory events and tours, see the FCM through a whole new lens.

Reception 7.20.2017 – Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Summer Studios at FCM

2017 Summer Studios

Free Public Tour Schedule

Chinese Painted Scroll

Family Day 7.8.17 – Cultural Connections

Family Day – Woven Together

Family Day 6.10.17 – Woven Together

Family Day at FCM

Family Day 5.13.2017 – Inspired by Nature

Riverbank Problem Solvers

Concert Reception 5.11.2017 – The Fiddler’s Tale

2017 Imagination Ball at FCM

4.28.2017 – Imagination Ball at FCM

The Hobo's Story by Robert Garey

Opening Reception 4.13.2017 – The Fiddler’s Tale

Family Day – Spring into Action

Family Day 4.8.2017 – Spring into Action!