Explore the Florence County Museum through a series of programs with artists, curators, historians, authors, and other thinkers. From panel discussions to participatory events and tours, see the FCM through a whole new lens.

Family Day 3-11-17

Family Day 3.11.17 – Experimenting with Paint

William H. Johnson - Children's Party

Lecture 3.18.17 – William H. Johnson Birthday Celebration

Yvette Cummings Reception & Lecture

Lecture 3.17.2017 – Remember Everything with Yvette Cummings

Free Public Tour Schedule

Ginny Newell Lecture on Conservation

Lecture 2.23.2017 – A Conversation on Conservation with Virginia E. Newell

Family Day 2.11.2017 – The Art of Storytelling: Fred Rhoads

In Times of War Lecture

Southern Art Lecture

Holiday Art House

Morning Walk in the Pee Dee Book Signing